Football Accumulators – Where Should You be Betting Yours in 2019?

Last updated June ’19, ahead of the new 2019/2020 Premier League Season.

Want to win more on your football accumulators? Of course, you do. This article reveals the football betting sites that give you bonuses in addition to your winnings and the sites that will refund your losing stakes when one selection lets you down.

When deciding where to place your football accumulator bet, there are four offers to look out for:

  1. A Bonus When You Win – Depending on the number of selections you can get extra winnings
  2. Insurance When You Lose – You receive money back when you lose by one selection
  3. Loyalty Scheme Free Bets – Some bookmakers will give you a free bet every week when you wager a qualifying amount on football accumulators
  4. The Ability to Edit Your Acca – Two bookmakers enable you to change your acca in-play

A big decision for many punters is whether to pick insurance or a bonus, so let’s answer that first.

Acca Insurance vs Bonus – Which Is Better for Me?

This simply depends on the number of selections and the odds of your accumulator.

If your accumulator has over ten selections and you’re close to winning, chances are you will be much more interested in doubling your winnings rather than getting your £5 back if one selection doesn’t come in.

In contrast, if you’re only betting with four or five selections in your accumulator, and the collective odds are quite short, getting a 10% bonus on your acca might not interest you

Therefore, when picking between the bonus and the insurance, we would recommend picking based on the size of the prize. If you don’t have many selections and the odds are short, then the bonus will not be significant. In this instance, it’s probably better to go with ‘acca’ insurance.

1) The Best for Accumulator Bonuses

bet365 is our recommended bookmaker for accumulator bonuses. Although they always had the best bonus, in January 2019 10Bet reduced their bonus scale, and this has left bet365 as a clear winner.

They pay a larger bonus, pay it as cash and don’t have any requirements for minimum odds.

If you have a bit more time, you can read in-depth about the bonus structures for each bookmaker.

  • bet365 Acca Bonus – 3+ selections & up to a 100% bonus
  • New Customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

bet365’s fantastic Euro Soccer accumulator offer includes the top domestic leagues in Europe along with the group and knockout stages of the Champions League. You can earn a bonus of up to 100% if you place accumulators on the Premier League, Serie A, Primera Liga, Bundesliga 1 or Champions League. Place a pre-match accumulator with bet365 of 3 or more selections on the full-time result or result/both teams to score markets combining teams in any of these competitions and, if successful, the relevant bonus will be added to your returns.

This best football accumulator bonus available for three reasons. Firstly, you only need three selections in your accumulator to start receiving a bonus. Secondly, the bonus you can be awarded is equally the largest, up to 100%. Lastly, there are no minimum odds requirements for each selection or the overall accumulator. The maximum payout on this offer is £100k, which we consider to be plenty! The table below shows the full bonus structure:

bet365 Bonus
3 selections 5% bonus
4 selections 10% bonus
5 selections 10% bonus
6 selections 20% bonus
7 selections 30% bonus
8 selections 40% bonus
9 selections 50% bonus
10 selections 60% bonus
11 selections 70% bonus
12 selections 80% bonus
13 selections 90% bonus
14 selections 100% bonus


  • MansionBet Acca Bonus – 5+ selections up to 60% bonus
  • New Customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

After bet365, MansionBet has the strongest bonus structure available. Each selection must have odds of 1.20 and the overall accumulator must have minimum odds of 4.00. Winnings are paid as cash, and the maximum winnings is the same as bet365, at £10,000.

MansionBet Bonus
5 selections 10% bonus
6 selections 10% bonus
7 selections 15% bonus
8 selections 20% bonus
9 selections 25% bonus
10 selections 30% bonus
11 selections 35% bonus
12 selections 40% bonus
13 selections 45% bonus
14 selections 50% bonus
15+ selections 60% bonus

10Bet 145 45 px

  • 10Bet Acca Bonus – 3+ selections up to 50% bonus
  • New Customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

10Bet tweaked their accumulator bonus in 2019. It’s not as good as it previously was, but it’s still decent. Each selection must have odds of 1.20 and the bonus is paid as cash, up to £5,000.

10 Bet Bonus
3 selections 2% bonus
4 selections 4% bonus
5 selections 5% bonus
6 selections 10% bonus
7 selections 10% bonus
8 selections 15% bonus
9 selections 20% bonus
10 selections 20% bonus
11 selections 25% bonus
12 selections 30% bonus
13 selections 35% bonus
14 selections 40% bonus
15 selections 45% bonus
16 selections 50% bonus

Coral 145 45 px

  • Coral Acca Bonus – 10% bonus on 4+ selections
  • New Customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

Coral have a relatively straightforward bonus on their accumulators. You can get a 10% bonus on your winnings, as a free bet, up to £100.

There is a minimum stake of £2, with each selection having odds of at least 1.10 and cumulative odds of 2.50  for the accumulator. You will receive your free bet before 12 pm the following day.

William Hill 145 45 px

  • William Hill Acca Bonus – Bet boost on 3+ selections
  • New Customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

Place a football accumulator with 3+ selections with William Hill, and once a day they will apply a boost to your bet.

The boost will vary according to the number of selections in your bet, but will likely mirror the scales offered by other bookmakers. Because there is not a clear structure for the boosts, it can be difficult to compare it to other bookmakers. A maximum stake of £20 applies.

2) The Best for Accumulator Insurance

The amount of bookmakers offering insurance for this season is fewer than last year. Bookmakers such as William Hill and Ladbrokes have withdrawn their acca insurance offers.

This leaves Paddy Power with the best acca insurance offer.

Betfair provides an alternative though. Their ‘Acca Edge’ product pay refunds as cash, rather than free bets, which makes them a very good option. It’s favourable to receive money back as cash, as you have the choice to bet or withdraw it.


  • Paddy Power Acca Insurance – 4+ selections & up to £10 refund
  • New customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

Paddy Power has relaunched its acca insurance. Only four selections are required (versus 5 last year) but the amount that can be refunded is £10 (versus £50 last year). Each selection needs to be priced at 5/1 or greater. This is available once per day, per customer. It can also be used for a ‘same game multi’ bet.

Betfair Logo

  • Betfair Acca Insurance – 3+ selections & refund paid as cash
  • New customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

Betfair has a very different acca insurance product versus all the other bookmakers with.

Betfair will refund you with cash. All you need is 3+ selections, and on the betting slip, an option will appear for ‘Acca Edge’. Once you tick it, Betfair will give you a price for your accumulator with the enhancement of insurance. The one drawback is that the odds will reduce slightly. This depends on the number of selections and odds, but if you’d rather have your refund as cash then Betfair is a great option.

  • Boylesports Acca Insurance – 5+ selections & up to £20 refund
  • New customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

Available for prematch and in-play football accumulators, Boylesports will give money back as a free bet when your 5+ selection accumulator loses with one selection.

You can get up to a £20 refund, and this is great in conjunction with the Boylesports acca loyalty offer outlined later on.


  • Bet Victor Acca Insurance  – 5+ selections & up to £10 refund
  • New customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

Next up we have the Bet Victor acca insurance. While it also needs a minimum of five selection, the requirement for odds is a little different. Rather than each individual selection needing to have certain odds, with Bet Victor, it’s just the total accumulator needs to have cumulative odds of 5.00. The maximum refund you can earn is £10.

888sport logo

  • 888sport Acca Insurance – 6+ selections & up to £25 refund
  • New customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

We’ve listed this offer last as it requires 6+ selections, but it does have a larger refund compared to other bookmakers at £25.

There is a minimum stake of £2, and each selection must be priced at 1/2.

3) The Best Football Accumulator Loyalty Schemes

We actually have an entire article dedicated to the best loyalty bonuses for existing customers, but we will give you a summary here.

In terms of bang for your buck, Coral and Betway are worth considering.

  • Coral – Bet £25 during the week and get £10 in free bets
  • Betway – Bet £25 or more on football accumulators each week and get £10 in free bets
  • Paddy Power – A free £10 bet each week when you bet £10 five times
  • Boylesports – Bet 5 x £5 accumulators and get a free £5 accumulator bet

Bear in mind is that there are some great bonus and insurance offers listed in this article, but they do require cash to be used to eligible. So should you be awarded a free bet on one of these loyalty schemes, be mindful of this.

4) The Best for Editing Your Accumulator In-Play

What’s better than insurance? How about swapping out all of your losing selections in your football accumulator?

Two bookmakers offer this capability;  Ladbrokes and bet365.

Ladbrokes Logo

  • Ladbrokes ‘Edit My Acca’ – Available on all devices
  • New customers – This offer is currently the best you can get when signing up

Similar to insurance, if there is a losing selection in your accumulator, Ladbrokes allows you to remove it from the bet. Now, of course, this is not as good as it sounds otherwise you would win every weekend and Ladbrokes would have to cease trading.  Essentially when you remove one of the selections, your old bet is replaced with a new bet and the new selections. The odds of your accumulator will therefore change.


  • bet365 ‘Edit Bet’ – Available on all devices

Once you’ve placed your accumulator bet, ‘Edit bet’ is available when cash out is still available on your bet and allows you to add or remove selections that have not yet been settled. It works the same as the Ladbrokes offer, in that the bet is replaced with new odds based on your new selection.

In Summary

We reckon bet365 is the best betting site for football accumulators at the present moment in time.

When we place our football accumulator, we prefer to bet with longer odds and quite a few selections. Therefore, we’re less concerned about getting £2 or £5 back on a losing stake, and more interested in getting even bigger winnings. Because bet365 have the best bonus currently, we recommend for football accumulators.

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