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Daily Football Stats = serious money and more amazing Soccer Products

Daily Football Stats is back. One software which every serious football/soccer bettor needs.

As we know, hundreds of football games being played worldwide daily and this tool will give you all important critical stats in just one page for all the games played today.


When you have accurate football stats at single click for all worldwide games, I am sure you can do wonders.

Since running since last 9 days, it made 58 points on 5 different methods.

DailyFootballStats covers 72 unique Stats for every football game.

Yes, possible every parameter which you will be using today in your Football betting and Trading.

Single button will find your best matches for Over2.5, BTTS yes, Lay the draw etc. from the lot of worldwide matches, which if you do by hand, you can’t find even in 5 hours.

In the manual, you will find the detailed explanation for each strategy, what stats we have used. You can find many more profitable methods

Also, always remember getting stats access for just few games is no good, but getting stats access for all today games is what you need. Then you can find the best of the best bet from the worldwide lot.

Plus, DailyFootballStats also gives you daily status on around 180 plus worldwide leagues performance as well. So you will have it handy, leagues where Home wins most, where drawn is most common, which league is highest/lowest goal scoring etc.

DailyFootballStats is the web based tool, you can access it from any machine, anytime, anywhere.

Start making a difference in your Football Betting from today. Watch the detailed Demo Vidoes


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOOTBALL ATM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you love football, then you will SURELY love Football ATM

If you don’t love football, and love lots of money producing bets, then you will love
Football ATM

How does growing a 20 bank  bank to 60 profit, 298 % growth in under 100 bets?

Or  you are a big spender.. 200 bank to 600 profit in the same 6 weeks ?

And that is only Method 1 , we have two methods , in Football ATM

Oh, almost forgot you get a software that has three separate modules in it.  

Two are staking calculators, and an Assessing Software.

Plus this works 365 days of the year.

Has that got your brain thinking?

What about these figures 97% strike rate on method 1 ( backing)

93% strike rate on Method 2  ( Lay at low odds).

Summary of the offer: –

  • Windows based software to access the matches, and two staking calculators.
  • The manual that shows you how the Football ATM produces these wonderful returns.
  • Method 1, Backing, 97%, strike rate, grew bank 298%
  • Method 2, Laying, low odds, high strike rate.
  • Low price to secure it  £29.97 for lifetime access.
  • Works all year round

Click here to see more on Football- ATM

Oh yes, you don’t have to watch the games , no trading, you make the bets

Before the start of the match and that is it.

Set and forget.

Click  here to see more on Football-ATM

>>>>> SOCCER STATS BOT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You can use upto six football strategies on one bot – 3 for back and 3 for Lay.

Bot works 24*7 , auto bet based on your recommended stats. Only Bot in the betting world which does that.

thanks for your continuous support and reading my emails



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